Welcome to the Board Game Crockpot.  As the first post for this blog, allow me to make some introductions.  First, a little about myself, the blogger.  My name is John Crocker.  I live in Moore/Norman area of south Oklahoma City.  I have four kids (all school age) and an amazing wife.  By day, I’m a corporate accountant — otherwise, I’m a husband, dad, friend, house cleaner, gym-goer, movie-watcher, and definitely….a board game enthusiast [thus the creation of this blog].  It is also important to note that I am a Christian and my faith impacts the decisions I make in my life.  I say that, not because this is a religious blog (board games are the focus!), but to upfront that at times, the way I feel about games and the experiences that go with them, will be colored by my faith.  As appropriate, I will share those situations candidly and fairly.  [I may love board games, but I love Jesus Christ exponentially more!]

With a personal introduction out of the way, I would also like to introduce this website and its goals — at least as they exist in this early lifestage.  The basis for this site is to find a way to take my passion for great board games and let it out into the greater world.  I plan on doing that through several methods, which will include: board game reviews, topical discussions, lists (top 10’s, etc.), pictures, and more.

I hope you enjoy this website and its content.  Feel free to chime in with comments or e-mail in questions.

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